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The Story of Stuff.


Potemkin. Sergei Eisenstein. Story of Russian Naval mutiny that was a key part of Bolshevik revolution.


Reds.  Warren Beatty starred and co-wrote.  Life of John Reed. Historically good.


The Great Dictator (1940) - IMDb Directed by Charles Chaplin. With Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jack Oakie, Reginald Gardiner.  Parody of the Axis leaders and program. Shows what was understood about them in 1940—between the lines.


Why We Fight #1: Prelude to War (1943)  The first of five famous US War Department films explaining why the USE went to war.


Grapes of Wrath. 1940.  Movie is on Youtube. Based on novel by John Steinbeck. Portrays of rural family caught in the depression and dustbowl.


Dust Bowl Refugee. Videos of Woody Guthrie song.   Several versions on YouTube. Same story as Grapes of Wrath, but much shorter.


On the Waterfront.  1954. Dir. Elia Kazan. Film on effort to clean up gangster dominated NY dock workers union.


Lawrence of Arabia. 1962.  Romanticized but generally accurate picture on role of Arabs as allies of the British against the Ottoman Empire in WWI.  Foundation of Arab nationalism and the Saudi position in it.


Wild River. 1960.  Elia Kazan.  Film on getting public support in the Tennessee Valley to build the dams of the Tennessee Valley Authority.


Gandhi. 1982. Richard Attenborough.  Excellent film on the Indian independence movement, and India.